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Question: What Makes RV Texoma special compared to other RV Parks?
Answer: This land was purchased because it was unique, not because we intended to build an RV Park here. That thought came later. This acreage is a beautiful and rare setting of land that has gone untouched for years. There is a lovely pond surrounded by 100-year-old trees and natural foliage.

Question: Why was an RV Park decided on for this land?
Answer: That developed over time living here, we just wanted open space and some farm chickens. This relaxing atmosphere made a hard day at work so much better. Melting away the stress of the day, feeling like a mini vacation for one night till having to go back to work the next day. And those wonderful two-day weekends. Like a dream.

Question: Yes, but why and RV Park?
Answer: Well, it all started with needing a place to live on this beautiful land we just purchased with no infrastructure. So, we had this great idea to buy a used RV to live in till we built our house. That is how we became one of the many to fall in love with the RV life. We walked in and out of dozens of RV's that day and ended up buying a most wonderful RV. That is how our RV mentality got started.

Question: That is when you decided to start an RV Park?
Answer: No, not really, we learned how comfortable RV living could be and sat back and looked around, deciding there was not such a rush to build our house, letting us think about other options. We decided that we wanted to share this wonderful place and after much deliberation agreed that an RV park would be Ideal. It would minimalize the impact on the Wild Life Management we have in Place and allow others to enjoy what we enjoy every day. Plus, this area has been an RV destination for years.

Question: But if you love RVing so much why don't you travel?
Answer: We have discussed that over and over and we do want to travel. Only problem is that we are so happy here we would mostly want to travel just to visit family. We have done our share of world travel and will reflect that on our site names.

Question: Don't you think having a bunch of RV's will spoil the atmosphere.
Answer: Not Really, we visited all the surrounding RV parks and discovered that for a place with so many people. RV parks are one of the quietest places around. Not really sure why. But we have decided to start out small and do things right.

Question: What do you mean by start out small and do things right?
Answer: We planned and planned and then we were ready to take the plunge. Everything seemed so simple. But come to find out, if we wanted to do things right, it would cost triple what we had budgeted. We were shocked to say the least. We checked on the costs from other RV parks and could not understand why we were seeing such a difference? Well, come to find out, most RV parks skimp on things like the electric infrastructure. When we saw the cost, we knew why. So, we decided to scale down and do it right.

Question: So how big are you?
Answer: We only have eight sites right now sitting on open acreage with some beautiful trees. We are going to offer something special and be able to learn from all our campers on the best direction to go with the design of our Park.

Question: Are you saying that you do not have a plan?
Answer: Oh yes, we do have a plan with an open mind to change it to become a special RV park based not only on our ideas but on real life input from our guests.

Question: Are you going to have all the other things that the other parks have?
Answer: We are not going to try and match everyone else. This is a wildlife Management Resort and therefore we want people to enjoy the natural environment here that took years for nature to create. We do not want to make this place look like every other RV park.

Question: But there are some amenities that people like. What about those?
Answer: Yes, there are some basics – we are going to have laundry and propane to start. Then as we grow we can decide what to add. I would like a pool someday. I have noticed that some places have fancy meeting halls and such. But I never saw anyone using them. Mostly they get rented out and then all the RVers complain about the noise.

Question: What is it you want to create then?
Answer: It came down to this. I thought about staying in any of the RV Parks I visited and realized even though I like the RV life style I was not so impressed with the RV Parks. Some were really nice but lacked room to walk or quality infrastructure. Also, some required memberships or were super expensive to pay for all the amenities that people really do not use. I want to make RV Texoma a great place to stay for one night or for many. I want this to be a Park that I would want to live in. So that is what I am planning on creating.

Question: what is there to do then?
Answer: We are right next to Lake Texoma. Only a couple miles from all the lake excitement, fishing, boating, jet skiing, beaches. Lots of horses here too and even a Rodeo, Shopping is just down the road and some one of a kind local food places from brisket and tater salad to catfish and homemade pies. There are museums and historical places to see. A National Park known for bird watching and across the street a winery is starting up. But the best part is a nice quiet place to lay your head at the end of the day.
Question: And what do you do at RV Texoma?

Answer: A nice long walk around the walking trail is very relaxing. It goes right by the beautiful pond. A great place to take a break and enjoy the surroundings. Or watching the birds at a variety of bird feeders and nesting boxes. They are wonderful. Also, it can be very entertaining watching the squirrels try to figure out how to get on the bird feeders. A bond fire from time to time will be mesmerizing. Maybe we will have some tent camping and Dutch oven cooking is always tasty. We are planning on stocking the pond with more fish, for a little relaxing catch and release. Also, open up the wooded area for some hiking trails. Flying kites on a breezy day is a super idea, we have plenty of open space. And what is it you would like to do?

Question: Well have to say that does sound like fun. I am going to RV to make my reservation today!