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RV Texoma Rules and Regulations

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Any Questions please call us at 855-788-3966.

RVTexoma.com | 1644 Greer Road #732 Sadler, TX 76264

Preferred route, from 377, East on 901, south on Greer Road 1.5 miles, gate on left between two Oak Trees. Gate Code Required. Gate code is last 4 digits of your reservation/confirmation code.


RV Texoma is a Wildlife Management Resort and a quiet and safe place to stay. We hope your stay with us will be pleasurable.

The following rules and regulations are in place to maintain this atmosphere.

24 Hour security with gated entrance and exit, 24/7 video/audio surveillance is recorded continuously for your safety.


Do not proceed till the gate is fully open. The gate will close in 30 seconds. Please make sure your vehicle is clear prior to 30 seconds after gate opening to prevent personal injury and/or damage to gate and your vehicle.

Please report any recklessness observed. Any damage due to recklessness will be charged back to the responsible party. Speed Limit is 10mph on entrance/exit driveway. Site driveway is slow with caution and care at all times and be respectful of your neighbors. When exiting, the exit sensor for the gate will open the gate if you approach at 8-10 mph, and stop at the red “STOP HERE” sign. DO NOT pull up close to the gate on exit, your vehicle and the gate could be severely damaged if not clear of the gate arc!

To Exit and Open the Gate Without your Vehicle, for example while taking a walk or riding a bicycle, PLEASE NOTE:

Locate the Keypad on the Right Hand Side of the Gate Control Box, which is to the Right of the Gate when looking toward Greer Road. Be Sure you and your Bicycle/Equipment/Children/Pets Remain Clear of the Gate Arc, THEN Enter your 4 digit gate code and the gate will open normally.


All signage is it to be followed at all times. These are for every one’s safety on the resort.


Check out by 12 noon. Check in after 1pm. If you wish to extend your check out to 3pm please confirm with Management the day before that the site does not have a 1pm arrival. There may be exceptions of we have guests registering for any additional night(s). We cannot guarantee that you will be able to stay at your current site or that a site will be available.

Any arrivals that are not within compliance with #guests/pets/vehciles and/or have not accurately registered to include all additional chargeable costs will be charged immediately upon observation of the violation or may be asked to leave without refund immediately.


All Daily and Weekly Sites require Site Fees paid prior to arrival. All Daily and Weekly Site Fees are Non-Refundable. If you would like to extend your stay, please let us know as soon as possible and we will attempt to find a site that is available, but cannot guarantee one will be available after your reserved days.


All Monthly Sites require a paid $150.00 site deposit and a paid $100.00 electricity deposit prior to arrival, in addition to the paid Monthly Site Fee which is always non-refundable, paid in full prior to arrival. Long Term Monthly rates qualify for each 30 day stay. Any future period less than 30 days or outside of the 30-day stay will be invoiced at the prevailing daily rate, which can change at any time.

Monthly Site Fees will be Invoiced from the 25th to the end of the current month for Site Fees for the future recurring month, as well as metered electric read on or about the 25th, and other fees incurred. All monthly Site Fees, Electricity, and other fees will automatically be charged to your card on file, beginning on the 26th of the current month.

Invoiced Fees not paid or received by the 5th of the next month will incur a 25.00 late fee. All Invoiced charges must be received by the 5th of the following month or you may be asked to depart immediately upon written or email, or verbal notice, and all deposits will be forfeited due to breach of rules regarding timely fee payments and required advance notice of departure. Electricity may include a prorated amount based on current usage if circumstance requires.


All Monthly Site Fees will be Prorated and Invoiced on or after the 25th of your first month stay, for the subsequent month. The prorated monthly site fee will cover the period through the end of the subsequent month, in order to get your monthly site fee to coincide with each calendar month, from the first of the month, to the end of each month. This means that you will be expected to pay for the following month prorated monthly site fee, to cover the next full month after your first partial month.

If you decide to give notice after the 5th of the month, and/or depart prior to the end of the second or subsequent month, which results in a partial month stay of less than 30 days after the initial 30 day reservation period, your electric meter will be read and invoiced on the day of notice, and this partial period will be invoiced at the prevailing daily rate and charged to your account, and invoiced when you give notice. This partial amount and all other fees must be paid in full prior to the end of the current month, or you may be asked to leave the property and forfeit all deposits at current month end.


RV Texoma accepts payments via all major credit and debit cards. Checks are not accepted as a form of payment.


Timely Fee Payments and Required Notice. Invoiced Fees not paid or received by the 5th of the next month will incur a 25.00 late fee. All Invoiced charges must be received by the 5th of the following month or you may be asked to depart immediately upon written or email, or verbal notice, and all deposits will be forfeited due to breach of rules regarding timely fee payments and required advance notice of departure.

Notification of departure must be received in writing or email by the 5th of the current month for departures on or after the last day of the next month. We appreciate advanced notice of departure if possible prior to the 5th.


Reservations can lock in the best current prevailing long term monthly rate when committed to and booked for up to 6 Months, with a minimum of 3 months stay, and will be held by the 150.00 site deposit. Should you depart prior to the end of your 3 month or longer committed stay, your site deposit will become non-refundable. If you desire to extend past the 6 month reservation, you may be able to extend your reservation 60 days prior to the end of the current blocked reservation period for up to another 6 month period.

The prevailing monthly rate will be applied to future reservations. The prevailing monthly rate may change at any time due to market conditions. It is advantageous to give as much advance notice as possible to lock in the best rate available.

Your Electricity deposit will be applied to your metered electricity fees, and refunded to you within 15 days after scheduled departure date if there is a credit balance on your account.

Site deposit will be applied toward your account to offset any remaining balance, and and refunded to you within 15 days after scheduled departure date if there is a credit balance on your account.

Management strongly recommends that all guests maintain property insurance, renter's insurance, liability insurance on all RV's and vehicles to insure for loss, peril, theft, fire and other damages. Please contact us if you would like more information or suggestions on insurance.


Water connection: This RV Park strongly recommends that pressure regulators are utilized.

Electrical connections, This RV Park strongly recommends that surge protectors are utilized.

Sewer: Texas Law requires ALL Septic hoses MUST be equipped with a threaded connector/ rubber donut and a hard shell. This is to prevent sewer gases from escaping. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Do not put paper towels, tampons or any other items other than “RV toilet paper” in the sewer or your RV holding tank. Sanitary items, diapers, baby wipes, prophylactics, paper towels, grease or food, etc. must be properly bagged and placed in the trash receptacles. Please use RV Black Water Tank approved treatment packs or additives to help break down paper and waste. This will prevent issues such as blockage in your RV Black Water Tank and Pipes.


All trash must be secure in trash bags. Including boxes, doggie bags and cigarette butts. They must be placed inside of the trash receptacles and never left out overnight.
No trash is to be placed outside the trash receptacles located by the entrance gate or is allowed outside on your site. Do not allow trash to blow into common areas. If this happens, it must be retrieved and properly secured immediately.


Are welcome; however, they must be on a leash at all times when outside. Dogs/pets cannot be left alone outside at any time. This is a wildlife management resort, and domestic animals left unattended may be harmed or killed by the wildlife.
Do not walk dogs on any sites. All dogs must be picked up after immediately. Your neighbors will appreciate it. If you fail to comply a clean-up fee of 20.00 will be charged to you.
Pit Bull, Rottweiler or any other typically known aggressive dogs are NOT ALLOWED in this park. No person shall harbor any animal/pet which is loud, frequently or habitual barking, howling, yelping or other noise or action, disturbs any person of ordinary sense.


Provided Fire pits are available on each site and are to be used responsibly. Propane, charcoal / wood, chip type barbeque grills / smokers are allowed. You will be notified if a fire ban is in effect. Grayson County will have roadside signage when a burn ban is in effect as well. BE SAFE!

You may be held personally responsible for any damage due to reckless or dangerous fires caused by your negligence!

Sheds, fences, dog kennels, dog runs or small temporary enclosures must be approved by management.

All permanent structures must have prior approval from management. If approval has not been obtained a fine and removal of the structure at guest cost and/or eviction may be enforced without refund.

RV Sites are required to be kept clean and neat.

Temporary Ground mats, small stair cases and outside door landings are appropriate. however, temporary and semi-permanent large decks must be approved.

Grassy areas need to stay clear for mowing. Any areas with obstruction may inhibit regular mowing, please be courteous and help us keep your site looking attractive and neat.

Potted plants, appropriate decorations, grills, bikes and lawn furniture are welcome at your site but must be functioning, neat and tidy.

Storage of items under your rig is prohibited.

All cords and cables and hoses must be kept neat and orderly. Winterizing and care of utilities is expected.


Please use a heated fresh water line with thermostat during winter months. Please keep black rubber cover over fresh water valve in ground, with added insulation and if possible use foam rubber insulation on all exposed fresh water lines to your RV. While we have seen temperatures as low as 20 degrees in winter, we have not seen any evidence of pipes freezing with the above measures in place.

It is not recommended to leave water running at night, as this can create other blockages and unforeseen problems in addition to ice buildup in sewer line. During the coldest nights, try to run hot water for example showers and dish washing to help melt any ice accumulation in your sewer line.

Also, make sure your sewer line is short as you can, and a straight downward slope with no elbow to cause ice buildup.

Please let us know if you have any leak or water or sewer issues and we will help you out. Skirting may be used with prior approval from management to achieve savings on heat cost.

Propane is available at multiple locations within a 10 mile radius. Please let us know if you have an emergency situation due to loss of electricity, propane, water, or sewer via phone call or text.


Parents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children and financially responsible for any damage incurred by them. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an Adult at all times.


Storage; Additional vehicles can be arranged for an additional fee.

DO NOT operate vehicles off the prepared road surface. You may get stuck or cause damage to property or vehicle, and may be asked to pay for repairs or damages, or be asked to leave the property.


We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based on its appearance, age and or condition. Rigs older than 12 years of age require manager approval prior to check-in. Tents and pop-ups must be pre-approved.

All RV’s must be equipped with their own holding tank. NO guest may sublease their RV while on the park premises. All vehicles requiring licensing, must display a valid registration.

Motorized vehicles such as 4 wheelers, dirt bikes or any other loud vehicle must be operated safely and responsibly. Electric motor golf carts / off road vehicles are welcomed and must also be operated safely and responsibly.

Two legally registered vehicles are allowed per space excluding your RV only.
Keep all motor vehicles off of the grassy areas, and park in front of your site only.

Your site includes parking from the southern boundary of your site prepared surface, to the southern boundary of the next site to your north. This is at least 35+ feet width and adequate for 3 vehicles.

If you forsee a temporary need for additional parking, please contact management to discuss and request prior approval.


9 pm to 8 am, lights and noise must be turned down at these times. Please be considerate of your neighbors. We always seek to prevent unnecessary light pollution so our guests can enjoy the starry night skies. Please be sure not to be disruptive at any time.


Please dress Appropriately on the resort, this is a wildlife resort and appropriate/ protective clothing should be worn.

Offensive. profane and lewd or threatening language will not be tolerated and may result in eviction without a refund.

Indecent conduct or intoxication will not be tolerated and may result in eviction without refund.

Anyone who willfully or negligently defaces, damages or destroys property/equipment of the resort shall be liable for full-replacement value.


May be run at any time the management deems this to be appropriate.


Possession, sale or manufacture of illegal drugs or paraphernalia on the RV site or anywhere else on the property is prohibited.


Discharging firearms is not allowed unless in self-defense. Please adhere to all Texas and Federal laws, if carrying a firearm in your vehicle or person while on the resort property. Any fireworks are prohibited.


All cigarette butts need to be in a container and placed in a secure trash bag. Do not leave butts around your site or on the ground or in fire pit.


NO washing of RV’s, Cars or other vehicles.

No working on cars or vehicles on the premises. Any motor fluid leaks may result in a clean-up charge.

All other repairs require prior authorization from management.

No storage or misuse of any hazardous material.

No hunting. No fish or animal processing is allowed on the premises or resort.


We are a service-oriented business.

Therefore, we DO NOT have any landlord/tenant relationship with any daily/weekly/monthly guests.

We reserve the right to refuse service or to request the immediate departure of anyone for any reason at any time, or to anyone that will not comply with the “Rules or Regulations” as stated here.

The owners/management assumes no liability or responsibility for any accidents, injustices or losses from any cause.

We are committed to delivering the best quality peaceful and quiet RV Campground experience for you and your family, and all our guests, in a wildlife resort setting.

If you have any issue/concern, no matter how small, please contact us confidentially and privately via email, text, and or phone and we will work hard to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for our guests, that will earn RV Texoma a 5 star review on Google, and favorable and excellent review on Facebook!

We care deeply that you enjoy your stay with us - this is our passion!

Thank you very much for staying with us at RV Texoma, we hope to see you again in the future, making memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family and friends!

- The Management

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

A 100 percent deposit is collected at the time of purchase. Payment for retail items and gift certificates is collected at the time of purchase.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Pets are welcome.

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.


Preferred route, from 377, East on 901, south 1.5 miles on Greer Road, Gate on Left between two large Oak Trees. Any Questions please call us at 855-788-3966.

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