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About Us

Back in 2015 Suzee and Michael decided to move to the country, so they could have chickens and fresh eggs daily, and live among the wildlife!

In December 2015 they purchased a 33 acre parcel next to Lake Texoma, and while they only wanted 12 acres, the other 21 became available so they took the option and bought the whole parcel.
Suzee said "what are we going to do with all this land?"

Michael said, "We will figure this out honey and God will lead us in the right direction, don't worry" They then realized they had no place to live! YIKES! Oh No! They drove to RV Max in Sherman which later became Camping World and tried to look at RV's but they were closed. They figured they could maybe buy an RV and live in it temporarily until they build their new home. Then they googled RV Sales and found RV Funtown in Cleburne, where a guy named Micah answered their prayers. They took off next Saturday and spent the whole day looking at hundreds of RVs and never having known anything about them, other than seeing them all over Texas on the highways. Micah was very patient as they put a deposit on a Puma, then realized another one was better, and were almost done on moving the deposit on the 2nd rig, when Michael took "one more look" around the property to "make sure" they were buying the right one. Unknown to Michael, Suzee had already found the right one when she went into the giant warehouse by herself to see the nicest RV's of ALL!

Michael was searching for that one perfect RV for Michael and Suzee, and was almost ready to give up for the day, when Michael stepped into the 42' Sanibel by Prime Time. There was Suzee, with a big smile, saying nothing. There was Micah, with a grin on his face. After Michael checked out the Sanibel from top to bottom, Michael said "This is awesome, we could live in the Sanibel for years and be comfortable until we build our house, what do you think Suzee?" Suzee smiled and laughed because she already knew which one Michael would like. Michael sheepishly asked Micah if we could change the sales document for the third time today, and put the deposit on the Sanibel instead. Micah said "This is your last chance to change anything, are you sure". "Yes", Michael said. They setup Pre Delivery Inspection and delivery for the day of our closing on their home sale.

They hired the best real estate agent ever, her name is Katherine Neisman and she was recommended by their office as the highest producing agent in the Dallas Metroplex. This was a great move, however after following her suggestions and staging their home, it sold to the 4th couple who took a look and scheduled a showing.
It sold in a week!

The closing was scheduled for April 12th, which gave them less than a month to move all of their belongings into a storage facility and many trips with the trailer full of motorcycles, 4 wheelers, furniture, and everything you can imagine.

On the way to their closing for the home they sold in Anna, they hooked up the trailer, put six 5 gallon gas cans, twenty 5 gallon jugs of water, and stopped at the title company to sign the closing documents. Then, they drove down Hwy 75 to Plano, bought two Honda Eu7000 generators and put them in the trailer too. Off to Cleburne, and they inspected the Sanibel, signed the docs, and watched an F-350 pull up and take their new home to their new land near Lake Texoma.

About 3 hours later, on their closing day, they arrived at Serenity Ranch, pulled their Sanibel next to their building pad, connected the generator wire, poured some gas in the generator, pushed the start button and the Sanibel came to life that night in the dark! Next, Michael pumped 50 gallons of fresh water in the jugs one at a time so they could take a shower after a very long day! Michael and Suzee slept better than in any home they had lived in their lives, and enjoyed walks around the trails on their property, feeling like every day they were on vacation!

Michael bought Suzee 30 chickens for Mother's day, and she kept them in the forward compartment of the Sanibel until it was warmer out, keeping them warm with a red light. Then Michael and Suzee built a large Hen House with multiple rooms for all the generations of Suzee's chicks, and everything was good.

After that, Michael lost his job a few short months later in October 2016, and then was blessed with another job for much less salary, and they were terrified and did a lot of praying, selling off motorcycles, 4 wheelers, Michael's favorite Rolex, stopped flying airplanes, and sold many other things to cover the costs of living here.

Michael and Suzee thought and prayed and hoped and wrote down ideas of what their options were for their future, their land, and their retirement. Trust us, this was not easy. Finally, they discussed how much they loved this very special Wildlife Management Resort, and would work on living here for life, at all costs, with God's blessing. They strongly feel and believe that God led them to share this property with others, the wildlife, the stars, and the peaceful quiet, along with the fresh air. This is how they came to plan, research, design, finance, and build RV TEXOMA!

They fell in love with this property and believe that you will TOO! quality RV Park experience, with the best contractors, and building the best electrical grid with a Master Electrician who assures us that the voltage will be stable and strong, with multiple H structures and load balancing, unlike many RV Parks who take shortcuts, and cause brownouts and blackouts during peak summer heat and electrical load. Our sewer system was installed by an installer with more than 40 years of experience, an Aerobic Septic System that properly treats the water and then returns it to the pasture, clean and safe. Building RV Texoma right is not cheap, it is very expensive. We want the best for our guests. Our goal is not to make a bunch of money or profit, our goal is to make a very special place to share with you to enjoy like we do!


Entrance to the property is ONLY available to Confirmed/Paid Guests for the safety of our Guests and their families. The only exception is during open house days during specific hours where future guests can take a look around and see the property.