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Perrin Air Force Historical Museum

Want to look at the coolest planes?
Enjoy planes and how unique each one is in its own way? Then you would be delighted in visiting the Perrin Air Force Historical Museum. It has many airplane exhibits and has a lot of interesting history behind it. The museum has an extraordinary display of not only Perrin AFB memorabilia but it also includes artifacts from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Perrin was first constructed in 1941, it then was opened as one of the first flying schools and as an air force base after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ten years later in 1951 Perrin became a base that trained all weather interceptor crews. The base was active for around 30 years, they went into closure in June of 1971.

The Museum offers tours by guides with knowledge to answer all your questions. One of there tour guides named Bill Byers was a mechanic in 1948 and came back later as a pilot. They promise the tour throughout this museum will be the best! They have such a large collection of items that even younger children will be entertained.

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"Very nice experience. Our guide, Mr Rice was very knowledgeable and entertaining. I'm sure we'll be returning very soon."
"I had no idea that the regional airport was once a military base for many decades. I definitely recommend it for military buffs and kids. It is very informative. I will definitely go again!""
"Wonderful place so full of history. My family and I made a day of seeing the local museums and hands down Perrin was our favorite. Great staff and great exhibits made a memorable day."